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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Steelpark

This year marks 25 years since Stelpark was founded as a workshop serving the needs of construction and industry. The company was registered on 10.7.1991. The original name was Lounais-Suomen Kourukeskus Ky. The original premises were a garage and a home yard.

At first the company did installations of rainwater inlet systems and roof safety products. Since the beginning the specialty of Steelpark has been stainless steel structures which were made and installed for clients. After a few years the workshop was relocated near Kaivopuisto in Rauma and slowly the number of employees increased. The company expanded its services to the furnishing of ships for the shipyards of Rauma and Turku. Around this time the company dropped the installation of rainwater inlet systems and roof safey products from its business activities. In the year 2002 the company bought new premises on Äyhöntie and moved its operations there from Kaivopuisto. In the same year the company changed its status from a commandite partnership to an incorporated company and changed its name to LSKK Stainless Works Oy. We have expanded to the making of different steel-, facade-, ja furnishing structures for the need of various industries.

According to CEO Erkki Aartti, perhaps the biggest change over the years has been the vast advancements in design, especially the developement of computer based working methods. Products made from steel, wood, and glass for the needs of industry bear likeness to artworks in public spaces in their appearance and manufacturing method. The mood and first impression of an entire space can be created with a single architectural structure, for example a handrail or staircase, a wall element, a single piece of furniture of the entire furnishing of a space, using steel, aluminum, brass and different kinds of wood. Because this is after all about construction, the technical and safety requirements must be taken into account. The other half of the succeeding of a project is, how well the integration and fitting of a single Steelpark-project or product into the whole (the construction work and sub-contracting done on the site) is done.

To celebrate this anniversary Steelpark has renewed its website and taken Steelpark Oy as its official, registered name. The Steelpark logo has also had a facelift. Steelpark is a registered trademark.

Today, in addition to fulfilling orders from the construction ja processing industries, Steelpark provides an all-round engraving service. Our newest service is the providing of portable and solid bleachers for the use of eventorganisers and clubs.

Our engraving products include signs made from various materials for industries, public spaces or exterior use. In addition, we have developed the safety sign for holiday homes, which we are marketing for the owners of vacational properties. A safety sign contains the map coordinates and phone numbers needed in an emergency. For more information, visit

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