See the possibilities of of modern steelfabrication. Steelpark combines steel, glass, aluminium, stone and wood in various different ways.

We serve the following fields of industry:

  • Building Industry
  • Shipping Industry
  • Processing Industry

We also offer:

  • Engraving
  • Rental of portable bleachers

Installation-ready Steelpark-modules reduce the risks of construction work.

Experience and cutting edge steeltechnology come together in the Steelpark Module. Steelpark is all about fitting together all the things that are involved in finishing a project and use the experience gained in previous projects. Steelpark realises the visions of a desingner with the best expertise in the industry and smart constructing. The goal is to create an unique product from the original vision of the designer, manufacture it as precisely and smart as possible and also take care of the installation, according to schedule.

Steelpark is the ability to combine the knowhow of all areas.

Steelpark system delivery

  • Architectural design
  • Furnishing design
  • Building technical design
  • Building Codes
  • Environmental design
  • Technical design
  • Material knowhow
  • Awareness of costs
  • Existing project experience
  • Networking
  • Finnish design
  • Management of the production chain
  • Controlled installation
  • Dedication of staff
  • Flexibility
  • Care and repairs

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